Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 15 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 15 v1 Subbed

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    1. Won’t do you any good the hbtc’s time is faster not longer if you spend 6 months in there in the real world only half a day will pass so you would need a reverse hbtc’s so the episode would be out

      1. I cant tell if you are stupid or just didnt think. How is that a problem? they want to train in a short amount of time so it will do good.

        1. I really don’t enjoy being that guy who insults people on the internet but here it goes moron…if you understood what he said about the hbtc you wouldn’t have made this dumbass reply,what he meant was he needed a hbtc to make time pass till the episode gets released so lay off the anime kid and focus on your education it’ll do you better in life

    2. The hyperboilc time chamber does technically exist but later on we learn about it, like WWWAAAAYYYY later on

      1. What chapter do we learn about it? I’m caught up on the manga but forget reading about it

    3. *in a einstein voice* utilizing general relativity you can create a “hyperbolic time chamber”, or a place the bends time, by increasing gravitational pull! of course a year in a single day the gravity needs to have a much stronger than the Earth’s gravitational force, around 1000 times stronger, to be exact. but you don’t have to be subjected to it, you could be inside of a structure that is in it.
      if you want time dilation however,(time moves faster around you) then you want special relativity t=t0/√1-v²/c² where as t is time on earth and t0 is time you spent traveling v is velocity and C is the speed of light.

        1. Arnotts they probably wrote it as for the subbed version it doesn’t take long to be online. Because is much easier to leave it as Subbed instead of changing from Raw to Subbed everytime. Just be thankful that they are even translating it.

          1. I am thankful but here is the thing for example if u want to sell a product international then u have to translate everything withing the product to english before even marketing it or selling and the same for their anime if u want everyone to watch and enjoy then try making a subtitle cause not all of us can speak Japanese

          2. But this is even an illegal thing to do technically, unless someone bought the rights to make people watch it in their country.

          3. I thought its their own since the website is the name of the anime but if its not then damn it I’ll have to wait 2 more hrs lol alg

    1. i don’t like how they’re getting rid of so many scenes in the manga that wouldve made stuff alot cooler
      like the ban vs merascula & galan

    2. They actually skipped several Diane scenes. Disappointing 🙁 They are not using a lot of scenes in this season.

  1. Kurama your a pretty bad mod … just saying I dont want to anger you or be banned or anything for my opinion

    1. The 00:00 is the raw footage (without subltitles) and the timer is the subbed episode.

  2. It’s kl, I’ll just wait for v1, rafa nadal is playing so can probably watch whole match!

  3. I was waiting for the countdown like it was New Years Eve but so much disappointment. But i cant complain since its free.

      1. he literally said “I cant complain since its free” thats not complaining you fool

    1. The way they handled certain seems was disappointing but I think the episode as a whole was pretty well adapted

  4. can someone help me Im confused Which countedown is fake and when does the subbed verson come out?

    1. >Calls it stupid/crap
      >Actually waited to watch it like a moron

      Btw I’ve seen you on some youtube channels. Boy, you must be the life of a party.

    1. If you read manga, Gowther was like super powerful, but for some reason he decided not to be killing machine (will not spoiler much more)

    2. Yep, as a member of the Ten Commandments, he was revered as the absolute most powerful Wizard in all the lands. His magic was unrivaled, and he was feared by everyone, including his own allies, the Ten Commandments, as well as the Demon King himself. Everything surrounding him as a Commandment is still a mystery, but he has an insanely huge role compared to the rest of the Sins, so follow every little detail about him.

      This isn’t spoiling anything since it was already disclosed in the Anime in Season 1 and the OVA, but the Gowther we see is a doll. Look at his magical abilities, to be able to toy with the minds and hearts of even the strongest of people he faced, including Galan’s. That’s simply the Doll, a Doll that freaking powerful that it can rival the Commandments. Just imagine how absurdly powerful the creator of that Doll is.

      1. I love how your like the information out there but let me tell you the information lol

      2. Wait i tought of something crazy…
        Since Gowther doll is unkillable without certain magic if all the commandments fought him and he manipulated the mind of Meliodas s Bro to want to keep fighting the comandments couldn t run cuz meliodas s bro s power is ××××××××××××
        Basically the commandments d be stuck endlessly trying to kill gowther

      3. The Demon King is vastly more powerful than anyone except the Supreme Diety, they r like the Yin-Yang in TSDS. The god and the Satan, rivals and everything else comes bellow them. Yes the actual Gowther was a powerhouse but he doesnt come close to The DK. He took interest in him just like he and The SD took interest in Merlin cos of her powers INFINITY

    3. Yes, The pink-haired Gowther you see in the series till now is just a doll made by the real Gowther of the Ten Commandments, Gowther the Selflessness. The demon Gowther 3000 years ago was way insanely strong so much that he has to be kept in another dimension to keep his Commandment in check.

      1. dimension was also The Demon prison. Which leads me to think he did something bad 😉


  6. If it was 16 years ago that Matrona got with the human dude… how come his kids are so young? They were his and his late wife’s kids but… I mean, I guess that means he and Matrone didn’t hook up until later? Sorry, I’m just confused by that timeline. xD

    1. Let’s use our brains for a second, how do you think a 6 foot human have sex with a 40 feet tall giant? Matrona is just his friend! idiot

      1. Did you even read my post, troll?
        I said it’s his late wife’s kids, not hers. But they call her mom because they are now together and their real mom is dead. But the 16 year gap is what confused me. He saved her 16 years ago but he must have been married to his wife still as the children look like they’re only 5 or 6. But they don’t mention any of that in the manga either. Glad you were able to get your sex thought in there, at least..

        1. I don’t believe they’re together. I think she’s just protecting them. He’s just a platonic father and she’s a platonic mother. In all seriousness. I hope not, cause she seems to either be aromantic or we don’t know…

          Of course…Anime is known to have limited diversity, so she’s most likely straight even with the odds stacked against it or “losing some screws”.

  7. Does anyone else feel like the quality of the show is dropping? There are so many tangents and side stories that are taking too long to come together. I feel like the hype has disappeared and the original driving force of the sins vs the commandments is weakening. And now we have to sit through a filler festival arc. Season one was much better at executing the story line.

    1. dude trust me you guy dont know what is going to go down please be quiet and watch

      1. I’m up to date with the manga and I still think the quality is dropping. I just think season one was very good. Tbh I suggest people only watch season one.

        1. that makes no sense at all why would people just watch season 1 if your really a fan of the anime / manga then stfu and enjoy

          1. Dude what it’s just my opinion. Have you never heard that an anime can have one season better than the other? If I dislike something, I will give criticism. Being a fan doesn’t mean I have to like everything the author does. I liked what the author was trying to do in the beginning but not afterwards. End of the story.

        2. i dont hate your response but let me tell you this the first season is thrash because the adaptation was piss poor compared to this season so far (this can change) i would admit they skipped mini scenes but in the end they did well to summarize it because it is a lot to adapt at the end of the day we can agree to disagree

        3. I actually like the Season 2 anime better than Season 1. I hope there is a Season 3 and 4.

  8. Damn, that Drole reveal! This anime is just too sick, I don’t even know the guy and it’s epic!

  9. this is for all the people who hated the episode you guys need to chill, as a manga reader i can assure you you will get more of the commandments trust me

  10. But gowther’s already a prick… for taking away Diane’s memories… how much more of a prick can he become?

  11. Hopefully we get a good Ban and escanor bit in next ep…also looking forward to that tournament!

  12. So the ep is at 15 but can they put everything in 9 episode if the season has 24 episode, seems like a lot more to the story

  13. this show is so goddamn good i dont get why people dont put it up there with the great anime’s.

  14. I have to wait for another freaking week fml
    ok so i’ll go die in suspense now BYE!

  15. @kuramashippuden:disqus can you send me the link for aegisub that you sent the other months. I lost it.

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